Who wants to be normal when you can be Unique?

Life is a miracle and You are a Unique expression of this purposeful miracle. You are not here to dwell within the basement of your potential or the average of stereotypes. Les KrewsTM wants to enhance your natural beauty by creating your own style. Let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others. The No.1 rule of Fashion is: always wear what you want to wear… and not what the industry tells you to…

The patented products allow you to choose from many collections and colors and create your Unique style! We are driven by Passion and Dedication and we developed a product that make a statement: this is a lifestyle trend, not just a fashion movement. Les KrewsTM is a new reality in the flip flops industry and we want to maintain that one-on-one relationship with the people. We are customizing all the products here in the USA and we earned the trust of retailers and buyers.

The choice of the company location is very specific: Miami has grown tremendously in the last decade and it’s still growing; one of the capital of the Hospitality, Miami has a lifestyle economy. With its appealing combination of beaches, nightlife, restaurants, shopping and national parks, Miami is one of the world’s top urban resorts. We think when you combine sand, surf and weather with innovation and entrepreneurship, you have a winner!

Les KrewsTM is focused on details: collections are made with love and Italian quality. In fact, founders are originally from Italy and kept a strong business presence in Europe as well as a distinctive sense of design, style and innovation! Les KrewsTM outsource material worldwide and our products are sustainably and ethically made. All the models are made out of non-toxic products and colorants: we use a 100% Custom Soft Polymer Formula (closed cell); no DEHP, DBP, colorants, phthalates or plasticizers are used.

Les KrewsTM wants you to be playful, creative and be different from the rest: that uniqueness is what makes us valuable!